Mobilizing and Equipping churches for Justice and Compassion ministry worldwide

(Is. 61: 1 – 4)


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7 Villages on the River of World Crises

Working Upstream

Today’s world is in crisis. Everywhere you turn, everywhere you look, people are hurting and the earth is reeling from the impact of man. Drought in California has reached epic proportions as wildfires rage across the Western United States. Children numbering in the thousands stream across Southern U.S. borders as they flee Central America searching for a safer, better place …

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“The Network” is Vineyard’s effort to connect and gather like-hearted ministry leaders who are already engaged in justice & compassion ministries in various parts of the world. Click Here to learn more about "The Network". 

Asia's Hope is this month's "Network" Ministry Spotlight.....


John McCollum: Asia's Hope

Jamuna is in peril. At the age of two, she can hardly guess the life she is likely to lead. All she knows now is that she is hungry. Hungry and alone. Her mother has died. Her father is an alcoholic. He has already sold off all four of her older siblings to pay for booze. Where they have gone, …

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i-61 can only be effective if we offer successful training programs to equip churches and individuals to make a difference in these seven areas of local and global crisis. We offer three training platforms so that anyone and everyone has an option that fits their level of availability: Missions Base in Nicaragua 10 day training experience, Campus in Boise and Online School (coming soon).

i-61 equip: missions base (Nicaragua)

Team Vineyard Boise

August 1 - 11, 2014

Follow the current training team and their journey from Boise to the Isaiah House for their 10 day training experience: augustnicaraguatrip.blogspot.com   

Poor Health & Disease Training Intensive

We are excited to offer a unique training opportunity in the issues of Poor Health and Disease at our training base in Nicaragua! Participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge about health that will help equip them to serve the poor. It will be a combination of classroom education and hands-on service, with a trip to the Atlantic coast, … Read more.

i-61 equip: campus (Boise, ID)

Love Justice School

This is a 6-month, part-time school at the Boise Campus. A full-time option is also available. This program seeks to equip and empower this generation to effectively minister the love of Jesus to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of women and children in crisis, both at home and around the world. COURSE CONTENT The Love Justice school consists of four …Read more.

Mission Medic Teams

Mission Medics School

Our goal is to prepare people with a heart for God to witness for Christ while providing medical care for individuals and communities in need. Mission Medics seeks to train reformers to provide God-centered, holistic healing (physical, spiritual, and emotional). COURSE CONTENT The School of Mission Medics consists of two part-time courses followed by an optional international outreach. OEC: Outdoor Emergency Care Certification The OEC …

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What is i-61 Global Ministries?

Tri Robinson

About Us

Tri Robinson, Founder

The ministry of i-61 has been a work in progress for as long as I have been in full time ministry. It has evolved and been refined through the last 35 years. It really launched in 2006, when I wrote a book called, “Saving God’s Green Earth”, which really called Christians to environmental stewardship within the evangelical …Read more.


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