Poor Health & Disease

DoctorAgain, children seem to be the most vulnerable when it comes to any kind of world crisis. Health and disease are no exceptions. Two thousand children under the age of 15 are being infected with HIV worldwide every day, while nearly two million die every year as a result of diseases caused by unclean water or poor sanitation (a rate of five thousand every day).  Many of these death-related illnesses do not need cutting-edge medical assistance to be solved. They just need willing Christians who have been equipped to administer basic care and training.


The i-61 solution for making a major difference in world health crisis is twofold. First, to develop mission medic training programs to teach as many as are willing in basic medical care and sanitation which can then be included in local churches’ mission outreach programs. Second, to mobilize the thousands of existing professional medical and dental workers that are throughout local Christian churches nationwide. Much of this solution is simply a matter of creative administration and organization of already existing laborers who are looking for a place to use their giftings.


The i-61 churches are those that are meeting the health crisis needs within their local communities by doing such things as establishing free medical clinics and other forms of medical outreach using the volunteer efforts of doctors, physician assistants and nurses within their own congregations. Another resource is to utilize volunteers to help transport and assist local refugees and the elderly who receive aid through government programs. It is important to remember that churches across America were originally granted nonprofit and tax-exempt status because they were considered and expected to be the national welfare agencies before government programs existed.