Dave Osborne

Dave OsborneMinistry: Family of Hope

Location: Kisumu, Kenya

Our Mission is to help boys who live on the streets of Kisumu, Kenya into permanent homes and a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We currently have a transition home where the boys come and live. While trying to establish a loving, living environment, we use prayer ministry, Bible study, scripture memory, counseling, 12-step work for addictions, helping them catch up with their education, recreation, and healthy work to try and disciple these young men.

Our desire is to help them heal from the abuse they’ve suffered, come to forgive those who have wronged them, experience the love and forgiveness of Father God for their own sins, and get them back with a relative who will love them. If that is not possible, we hope to find a loving family who would take the boy. For older ones, we have provided job training as well.

In the future, we are hoping God will open the doors to buy or lease some land where we can have a farm. We’d like to see the boys involved in the work of raising crops, as well as caring for animals.

As we minister to the boys, we find that their families also need help. We attempt to bring the love of Jesus, and his healing, into their families as well!

Area of World Crisis: Human Injustice

Contact Info: www.familyofhope.org