Doug Effinger

Doug & Julie EffingerLocation: Jinotepe, Nicaragua
Area(s) of World Crisis: Educational Inequalities, World Hunger, Spiritual Confusion
Contact Info:

Nica Impact is based out of Vancouver, Washington and aims to serve the poor in Nicaragua. It’s on the ground volunteer missionaries are Doug and Julie Effinger who are locate in Jinotepe, Carazo, Nicaragua, approximately 1 hour south of the capital of Managua.

Doug and Julie have been constructing facilities since arriving in Nicaragua, first at orphanages, now at their ministry site, El Trillo, located in Jinotepe. They also are collaborating with The William Minor Foundation in building and operating a local educational study center/library at the El Trillo site. In addition to the library, there is a meeting area called a rancho, and a greenhouse with experimental aquaponics.

Also, since 2011, Doug has been assisting retired Colonel Todd Wang (Mentor -Engineers Without Borders and Bridges to Prosperity) with logistical support in construction of suspension bridges throughout Nicaragua.