i-61 can only be effective if we offer successful training programs to equip churches and individuals to make a difference in these seven areas of local and global crisis. We offer three training courses so that anyone and everyone has an option that fits their level of availability.

i-61 Nicaragua Missions Training Base

Holistic ministry is not a new idea.  The Franciscan missions were founded in California during the late 1700s in order to spread the Catholic faith among the Native Americans.  Although not perfect, they were some of the most effective mission agencies because they addressed the needs of their people in a holistic way.  They taught basic principles of agriculture, ranching, medicine, and other skills that met the Native Americans in practical ways while also teaching them the spiritual truths of faith in Christ.  (See “Franciscan Model” video for more information.)  Our i-61 Training Bases share that same vision: To train and equip communities in the developing world with practical life skills which help combat the i-61 issues of global crisis, while meeting their spiritual needs through the local church. We aim to develop i-61 equip: missions bases throughout the world, making a difference one community at a time.

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i-61 Campus

The i-61 Campus houses the Vineyard Justice and Compassion ministry schools. The campus is located at the Boise Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Boise, Idaho. Our campus is a ministry of the Boise Vineyard and shares the same values and statement of faith. Because we are rooted in the local church, we strongly value working through local churches and supporting the body of Christ. Whatever we do internationally, we strive to do locally. Therefore, the church has its own food pantry, free medical clinic, large community garden, prison ministries, and outreach programs to our growing refugee population. Students who move to Boise to join one of our school programs will be placed in church host homes as well as become a part of the Vineyard Boise community. It truly is a life-giving environment and there is much to gain from being with others who are like-minded and passionate about justice and compassion.

Courses Offered

Love Justice School

This program seeks to equip and empower this generation to effectively minister the love of Jesus to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of women and children in crisis, both at home and around the world. This is a 6-month, part-time school at the Boise Campus. A full-time option is also available.

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Mission Medics School

Our goal is to prepare people with a heart for God to witness for Christ while providing medical care for individuals and communities in need. Mission Medics seeks to train reformers to provide God-centered, holistic healing (physical, spiritual, and emotional). This is a 9-month, part-time program at the i-61 equip: campus that offers training and practice in health care evangelism.

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i-61 Online (Coming Soon)

i-61 Online offers a part-time training program for individuals and groups who desire to get training and equipping in one or several of the i-61 areas of global crisis. We use an online educational platform to provide students with quality video lectures, corresponding curriculum/coursework, and various interactive elements. Our video lectures are conducted by some of the top professional ministry directors in the nation.

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