i-61 Online (coming soon)

i-61 Online offers a part-time justice and compassion training program for individuals and groups to attend from their own home or church. Our goal is to train, equip, and serve many disciples by opening their eyes to the issues of global crisis and giving them the needed tools to make a difference in Jesus’ name. We use an online educational platform to provide students with quality video lectures, corresponding curriculum/coursework, and various interactive elements. Our video lectures are conducted by some of the top professional ministry directors in the nation.


Each online course is a 6-week, part-time elective. Each elective course presents an overview of the global crisis issues, God’s redemptive heart for the people who suffer because of it, and motivation to be a part of the solution—both locally and globally. There is an emphasis on information, inspiration, and practical tools so that students may begin participating in the solutions and applying the principles taught.

Spiritual Formation

  • Explore how to develop healthy disciples within a spiritually confused world.
  • Core sessions are taught by Mark Fields, Vineyard USA Director of Global and Intercultural Ministry.


  • Uncover the human injustices of our broken world in order to strategically show compassion and justice.
  • Core sessions taught by Rob Morris, President and co-founder of Love 146, an international human rights organization.

Health Care

  • Discover how impoverished families and communities living in poor health can have hope of saving lives and establishing sustainable health care solutions.
  • Core sessions taught by Michael J. Nyenhuis, formerly the President and CEO of MAP International, a global Christian health organization.


  • Expose the consequences of undeveloped leadership, the power of character and godly leadership, and the ways to grow as influencers in society.
  • Core sessions taught by Rory Anderson, ChildFund International’s Director for External Relations, an advocate for better policies and programs around international child protection, with a focus on developing countries.


  • Learn about the core factors contributing to world hunger, the solutions found in sustainable productive agriculture, and God’s heart inspiring it all.
  • Core sessions taught by Dave Evans, Former US President and Global Executive Officer for Food for the Hungry, a Christian organization serving to end world hunger; currently Chief of Party with World Vision, an international Christian humanitarian organization tackling the causes of poverty and injustice, whose main role is to direct a large food security program while living with his family in Zimbabwe.


  • Unearth the factors that have spun our planet into an environmental decline, grow in understanding about God’s heart for creation care and stewardship, and gain tools for how individuals and whole communities can begin to reverse these adverse conditions.
  • Core sessions taught by Rev. Mitch Hescox, President of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN), a ministry dedicated to the care of God’s creation, and Alexei Laushkin, Senior Director of Communications & Editor of Creation Care Magazine for the EEN.

Education and Literacy

  • Study the devastating inequalities in education caused by poverty. Delve into these problems and gain tools for creating solutions so that God’s heart for compassion might be demonstrated.
  • Core sessions taught by Dr. Ben Homan, President of Langham Partnership USA (formerly John Stott Ministries), a ministry focused on raising up a new generation of Bible teachers; he is also a partnership leader for several schools in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Dates (coming soon!)

Please check back for upcoming dates. If you are interested, please contact us with your questions. We would love to talk with you!