Nicaragua Missions Training Base

i-61 operates a missions training base in Managua, Nicaragua, called the Isaiah House. The Isaiah House has been established as a Resize-Coartyard1place of hospitality, training, and sending for people who desire to become equipped for justice and compassion ministries. i-61 leases its facility from Arms of Love, an organization dedicated to caring for orphans in both Nicaragua and the Philippines. Having once been used as a place of refuge for young, orphaned girls, the Isaiah House is a beautiful, 4000 square foot facility.

i-61 purposefully established its first training base in Nicaragua because it is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Our heart is to radically inspire teams for missions and leave them with a desire to influence communities in practical ways. Additionally, our strategy is to make a long-lasting, sustainable difference in our local Nicaraguan communities through these short-term teams and our long-term coworkers. We value the local church and try, as much as we can, to work through the body of Christ.

Holistic Missions Training Experience

We offer various types of training programs through the Isaiah House. The Holistic Missions Training Experience (typically 10 days) is a great launching pad for teams who want to have their eyes opened and hearts broken for the world. We train them in all seven areas of global crisis, giving them classroom and on-the-field training that gives them a taste for what God can do in and through their lives. Our hope is that they go back to their churches on fire to make a difference in their community, get more training in particular areas of crisis, and have a better sense for what God is calling them to do. We want to engage the body of Christ for long-term justice and compassion ministry worldwide.


Internships at The Isaiah House are also available. Please Contact Us for more information.