Halifax Vineyard Church

Pastor(s): Beth Wood

Location: Lower Sackville – Nova Scotia, Canada

After working in inner city contexts in Canada for a number of years Beth spent 7 years in Brazil mentoring and training in local-church based community development ministries. With her colleague Maurício J.S. Cunha she co-authored the book “O Reino Entre Nós” (The Kingdom Among Us) which was published in Portuguese in Brazil in 2003. This work has been widely accepted as offering a biblical and Brazilian perspective on the transformation which can occur when local churches actively pursue the fullness of the Kingdom of God in their poor communities.

For a number of years Beth also coordinated “Projeto Equipar” which invited Brazilian Christians to invest in short term discipleship and training opportunities in Angola. Professionals in various areas such as health, agriculture and development were able to bring much needed professional input to church and societal groups and institutions, while developing encouraging relationships with local youth and leaders.

Beth recently launched Engage Vineyard, a Canadian Facebook group focused on Justice.

Area(s) of World Crisis: Coming soon

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