Holistic Missions Training

The 10 day Holistic Missions Training Experience is hosted by i-61 at their Missions Training Center in Managua, Nicaragua. This training is an introduction to the 7 areas of global crisis and gives participants a window into how to do missions well. The hope is that upon completing the training, individuals will be released to do missions work in their home communities and beyond.

This short term training is ideal for churches and individuals who want their eyes opened to issues of poverty and the 7 areas of global crisis. Participants spend part of each day in a classroom discussing the days’ topic. In addition, they visit or hear from ministries that are addressing the issue in Nicaragua.

How it works

DSC_0930Churches, schools, or groups of individuals select available training slots from our reservation calendar. Step by step instructions, pre-trip planning and training materials, and additional resources are provided to team leaders as they prepare for the trip. Ideally, this process should begin 6-8 months prior to the selected travel dates. Details on trip costs and paperwork deadlines are available by email.

Visiting teams are housed in guest houses specifically selected by the Isaiah 61 Nicaragua staff to cater to the unique nature of the training trips. Linens and towels are provided along with 3 meals a day. Each guest house used is in a safe location and provides comfort while also exposing teams to local cuisine and staff. Air conditioning may be available for an additional fee.

Each day begins with devotions lead by ministry staff or the team. Evenings ends by debriefing the day and providing a time for prayer, worship, and fellowship with teammates. The majority of classes are conducted at the Nehemiah Center, which also serves as the office space for Isaiah 61 Nicaragua. Teams worship and serve at a local Vineyard church on the Sunday during their trip. The trip concludes with a free day to experience the beauty and fun of Nicaragua. Interpreters accompany the team on outings to assist in communicating with individuals at the ministries and also serve as cultural liaisons, a bridge between the team and the Nicaraguan people

The Training

classEvery day teams dig into and discuss a different subject. The training begins with an overview of World Poverty then progresses through each of the 7 areas of global crisis. Classes are taught by Isaiah 61 Nicaragua missionaries or local field experts. Group participation is actively encouraged and discussion in the classes is lively and rich.

Training does not stop when you leave the classroom. Isaiah 61 Nicaragua collaborates with several ministries on the ground in Nicaragua. These ministries have graciously opened their doors to allow teams to experience their work first hand. Ministries chosen provide an opportunity for teams to see the days’ crisis up close as well as discover how individuals and churches are working to address the issue. Some days, the team will not visit a ministry but a culturally significant location that further expands on the topic for the day.

Ready to come?

A team from summer 2016 visiting a partner organization
A team from summer 2016 visiting a partner organization