Jed and Kim Johnson

Ministry Name: Wide Awake International

Location: Zhitomir, Ukraine


Hello. We’re Jed and Kim Johnson. As the founders of Wide Awake International, we’re not super-special. We are just two people in love with Jesus, doing our best to respond to what we feel He has asked us to do.

We have always been passionate about children. For several years now we have provided foster care to medically fragile infants in our home. In fact, our precious son Seth was adopted from foster care. However, in August of 2010 our eyes were opened to a need we never knew existed.

“I remember the night very well. Our children were tucked into their beds for the night. Jed was working late and I was reading a blog. By chance, or perhaps divine direction, I stumbled upon the story of a woman who had just adopted two little girls with Down Syndrome from Ukraine. With each journal entry the woman described in detail the plight of Ukrainian orphans with special needs. Several hours and a box of tissues later I finished reading every entry. The course of our lives was altered, I just hadn’t told Jed yet…” -Kim

The weeks and months passed and we couldn’t shake it. As Kim washed dishes and changed diapers and I drove to and from work, we felt the Father gently asking, “Will you respond to this need? Will you say ‘yes’ to me?”

In the spring of 2012 we visited Ukraine and met face to face with the children that we sensed God inviting us to serve. No more convincing was needed. Our answer to the invitation was a resounding “Yes!” This is the mission He has been preparing us for all these years.

So with this passion to serve the orphans who are bedridden, lying day after day in their cribs, waiting for their lives to truly begin, we have been moved to action. We packed our things and moved our family to Ukraine, indefinitely.

We are currently learning language, culture and volunteering our time at a local non-profit, serving children with special needs.  Wide Awake International is our journey of saying “Yes!”

Area(s) of World Crisis: Poor Health & Disease

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