Josh & Mindy Mason

Ministry: Iris Global – Footprints
Location: Mossel Bay, South Africa
Area(s) of World Crisis: Human Injustice, Educational Inequalities

We (Josh and Mindy) were united in marriage in June 2005 in Boise, Idaho, and we’re thankful to have found a “good thing” in each other.  Together we have 5 amazing children: Ethan – 18, Jade – 11, Christian – 6, Gracelyn – 5, Josiah – 3.

About 8 years ago we heard a message about “simplified living” and it really spoke to our hearts. That is when we began our journey to viewing our happiness and reason for living from a different perspective.  Within the last 3 years we have discovered our TRUE identities in Christ.  God brought us into a season of acceleration as we dove deeper into His heart for our lives and what it truly meant and looked like to live as disciples of Jesus, a son and daughter of the most wonderful Daddy ever!

We get it, we FINALLY get it!  The Lord doesn’t want us to go through the motions of life.  He doesn’t just want us to live a “good” life.  He wants us to live a life full of Him, full of LIFE!  He gives us big dreams because He is the God of the impossible.  We went to a missionary school in Africa 2 years ago that completely changed our perspective and lives forever.  Along with the Lord giving Mindy a dream when she was 16-years old and putting the desire on Josh’s heart as a young boy to serve in the mission field overseas, we are beginning to see these things come to fruition.  Ultimately, we’d like to build homes for lost, abandoned, unwanted, rejected, abused teenagers across the world.

The Lord has birthed in us the desire to serve overseas, not only to unreached people groups who haven’t heard the Good News, but quite honestly, to anyone He puts in our path that simply needs the Father’s love.  Stopping for the one in front of us!  We don’t want to just speak about God’s love – we want to live it out and share it with others because it is powerful and transforms lives.  We know because HIS love has transformed us.  The TRUTH of His LOVE has set us free from bondage and fear.  Jesus is our first love, and we are hungry for more of Him.  Wherever He leads, we’ll follow.  We’re all-in for Him, willing to leave everything else behind to follow Him.  The next stop is Pemba, Mozambique (Africa).  After that, we don’t know.  We just know we’re called to GO and share the Good News – in fact all of you are -whether in your home, neighborhood, workplace, church, city, state, nation, world!  Pursue what’s on your heart and wait to see what doors the Lord opens for you.  Let’s join together as one body, one Church and turn this world upside-down for the Kingdom!  Who’s with us?!