Letter from Glorious in Sierra Leone

Kamara and Glorious Kabu

On the right: Glorious Kabu

Glorious Kabu is a member of the Vineyard Makeni. Makeni is one of the largest cities in Sierra Leone. There is no testing center in Makeni and critically-ill patients must be transferred to a clinic in Kailahun which is an 8-hour drive away. Glorious recently sent this update regarding the currentĀ circumstances of the city:

Good morning my dear Friends. I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Honestly I am tired of reporting bad news. Things are not improving not only in Makeni but the Whole country. We don’t go out anymore except to get food stuff which is not too often. The good part of it all is that God has been with us the church at Grafton and Makeni is intact. We have not yet recorded any death. None of our members have contacted or died of the virus. Although we do lost friends relatives and poeple around our communities. We all are aware that you are all praying for us and we are sure that God has been watching over us. We really do apreciate it very much. Our hearts bleeds for what is happening around us. Makeni have been quaratined for an indefinite time and yet things are not improving. A big town like Makeni should have many holding centers and lab for tests. A lot of poeple die before their results are out. Some are not even from Ebola but from other sicknesses. The medical system is so rotten and there is still no improvement. We will wait for God’s mercy and healing. Thank you and God bless you. We serve a God that sees, hears and feels the misery of HIS people and HE will surely intervene to disrupt this evil that has come upon us. Father!! Heal the land Sierra Leone, Liberia, and guinea and stop Ebola in our world. In Jesus name!”

Below are photos from the Visionwestafrica/Vineyard food distribution project in Sierra Leone.