Richie and Christie Bouthillier

Bouthillier Family1Ministry Name: Xingu Mission
Location: Altamira, Brazil
Areas of World Crisis: Spiritual Confusion, Environmental Decline
Contact Info:,

Richie and Christie moved to Altamira in February, 1999, and are now leading the Porto de Moz region. Almost since their arrival they have been involved in teaching and working with Brazilians. Prior to their coming to the Amazon Basin, Richie and Christie worked in an orphanage in Southern Brazil where they acquired their language skills. Richie and Christie feel especially drawn to minister to the young churches and the unreached villages along the Jaruaçu River near Porto da Moz. The town of Porto da Moz is situated on the Xingu River near where it enters the Amazon River. Richie is also involved with starting the Water Filter Project in Porto de Moz.