Tesoros de Dios

Ministry: Tesoros De Dios (God’s Treasures)
Location: Managua, Nicaragua
Area(s) of World Crisis: Human Injustice, Educational Inequalities, Spiritual Confusion, Poor Health & Disease

Tesoros de Dios is a local partner of i-61’s Missions Training Center. Tesoros exists to engage children with disabilities in Nicaragua to further their development in a spirit of love and excellence. In Managua alone, there is an estimated 140,000 individuals with disabilities. Children with disabilities rarely have the opportunity to go to school and services are limited for them. Tesoros aims to reflect God’s deep love for all by promoting the holistic development the children in their care and strengthening partnerships with families, schools, churches, and communities.

Tesoros provides multiple services for the children in their program, all provided by hired local Nicaragua staff. These include hippo therapy (on horse), physical therapy, special education, early intervention, and/or palliative care. Children attend weekly with a family member. Since many of the mothers are single and struggling to make ends meet, they are encouraged by the community of support at the center and training classes are offered for the family members as well.