Benny Yu & Josh Harder

Yu & Harder FamiliesMinistry: El Pozo de Vida (The Well of Life)
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Area of World Crisis: Human Injustice

Our goal is to raise awareness and advocate for victims in the rescue and rehabilitation processes. EPDV runs a rescue home out of Mexico City, Mexico, where underage victims of sexual exploitation enter a holistic restoration and rehabilitation program, receiving education, medical attention and psychological care. El Pozo de Vida is an active participant in the Mexican legislative movement against trafficking and our desire is to raise global awareness to help educate and mobilize others in joining the fight against human trafficking.

When we first arrived in Mexico, we had no idea of the complexity, proliferation or vastness of the issue of modern-day slavery. We always knew that it existed, but we never imagined the volume of children that were being trafficked each year.  After learning that there were more than 27 million modern day slaves in our world, of whom 7-8 million are child sex-slaves, we were enraged and opted to pursue vigilante type of rescues as a means to fight against this injustice.  As we became more familiar with the raids and rescue process, it became evident that there were no safe homes or facilities for victims to go once they were rescued.  We realized that the initial work of rescues was difficult, but more significant would be the process after the rescue, the restoration and rehabilitation of the victims, hence, the vision of El Pozo de Vida, A.C. (The Well of Life) was born.  The programs we have developed in our home are in response to a commitment to provide holistic transformation for the victims.

Along with working in the areas of awareness and advocacy for the victims, we established a rehabilitation home for trafficking victims. our rehabilitation home serves as a refuge to restore women and children who have been victims of sexual exploitation and sex-trafficking. We provide them a safe place where they can receive counseling, medical attention and support in their process of renewal and restoration. In this process, we have established relationships with the Mexican government and other rehabilitation homes.

The criminal underworld and drug traffickers are now trafficking humans, providing their second highest revenue, after illicit drugs. In Mexico alone, more than 20,000 children are victims of sex-trafficking each year (’09 TIP Report). The statistics are baffling.  I know we cannot do this alone.  Even with our collaboration with government agencies and other rescue homes (which we are one of maybe three here in Mexico City), we are only in the initial stages of addressing this global issue.  The gross reality is, human trafficking exists on a global scale, but together, we can create a global freedom revolution and a global abolitionist movement to end modern day slavery.  Will you join us to do your part? Would you please join us and become an advocate for those who so desperately need your voice.  There are many practical ways to get involved!  Come visit us, support our initiatives by using your talents (business, art, medical, etc.), contribute financially to our causes or start your own movement locally or online!